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Comet Cache and GeoIP: enable caching by page/visitor country instead of just page

A Wordpress plugin that enables Comet Cache cache by page PLUS visitor country and display the correct country geo-location content, for your visitor. Read More

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CCA Plugin how to guide:

Welcome visitor from ; work smarter by installing the easy to use CCA Plugin: [tab name=”How To”] In this section: 1. CCA Demo (Part 2 how) 2. Initial site-wide settings. DO THIS FIRST 3. Sidebar widgets     2a. RSS News Feed content 4. Adverts within posts 5. Making widgets smart responsive 6. Customising Posts ... Read More

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Caching Plugins and Country GeoIP

Caching plugins do not work well with dynamic content. Coming soon: extensions to WP Super Cache and Quick cache that enable them to work perfectly with GeoLocation data on every post or page. Read More

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Writing extensions to the CCA plugin

A later release of this plugin will enable you to add functionality through your own filters, actions and shortcodes. An extension will also be released to give you an idea of the type of functionality you can add. Yes, this version has hooks, and the RSS functionality is an extension BUT this was done as ... Read More

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Category and/or Country aware WordPress: take control of your sidebar & posts:

Simple to use, and free, plugin that makes both your posts and your sidebar content relevant for your post's category and/or visitor's locale (country). Read More

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WordPress: the CCA plugin and GeoLocation

In this section: 1. The default setup (Cloudflare and Maxmind Legacy) 2. Accuracy 3. Auto-updating Maxmind Country IP data 4. Using OTHER GeoLocation systems with the CCA plugin 5. How to use country GeoLocation in YOUR OWN PHP applications 6. I want to/am using Maxmind’s paid for data 7. I want to us Maxmind’s GeoIP2 ... Read More

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Phablet List (alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Mega)

My 6.3" phone was less than half the price of the Mega and I'm delighted with it (see review). This list of Chinese manufactured large screen 6.3 to 6.5 inch smartphones includes specifications, links to the few independent reviews, plus links to a choice of suppliers. Read More

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Elephone P6 6.3 inch smartphone review (also covers P6S)

I've now had my large screen (6'3") Chinese smartphone for 2 weeks. I'm delighted with it and no longer need a tablet. As promised here is my user review: Read More

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Samsung Galaxy Mega alternatives: 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 inch phablets

As a wannabe app developer, my old phone wasn't up to the job. The 6.3" Samsung Galaxy mega was the perfect choice - doing away with the need for a tablet as well. Unfortunately it was too expensive, luckily I discovered some Chinese alternatives with more memory and higher screen resolution at half the price. This is part one of a topic covering 6.3 to 6.5 inch phablets and where to buy them. Read More

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Where to buy Chinese smartphones – reliable websites

Many websites selling China sourced goods have a bad reputation. This article includes a list of web stores I'd be prepared to use, and explains why. It also provides tips on how you can identify suspect sites. I produced the shortlist when searching for a cheap alternative to the Galaxy Mega & Sony Z Ultra. Read More

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