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Javascript: forcing Opera to reload from server on back button press

There are occasions when you may want your pages to be "refreshed" from the server rather than browser cache. This is simple to achieve for most browsers except Opera. Can't find a solution that works for Opera on any of the developer forums?

Well here's how with a few lines of standard Javascript. Read More

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WordPress: hiding your site from comment spam bots

Comment spambots use "footprints" to find your site. Find out how to remove these identifying footprints from your blog and vastly reduce the volume of spam targeted at your site. Read More

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Why your Blog is found by spam bots, and what you can do.

Is your blog plagued by comment spam? Most spam is generated by automated software. Find out how those bots find your blog, and what you need to change to hide your site from them. Read More

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4 ways to configure custom 403 and 404 pages; and a warning about infinite loops

The default 403 and 404 pages are short plain text messages that do not encourage visitors to stay on your site. Customising these pages is usually achieved by creating 403/404.shtml files. However there are other solutions each with their pros and cons. Read More

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PHP: highlight_file with line numbers and CSS classes

Include code listings in your posts: this tutorial shows how to trick highlight_file into using classes; add line numbers; and make them easily identifiable for copy and paste. Read More

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3 easy ways to display source code listings for your tutorials and posts

The lazy bloggers guide to displaying syntax color highlighted PHP code for your articles, posts and tutorials. Line numbers optional! Covers display in both native php pages and CMS (e.g. Wordpress) posts. Read More

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PHP: tricking highlight_file to use CSS classes instead of inline styles

How to get highlight_file and highlight_string to list your source code using CSS classes instead of inline styles; and reduce the size of your page. Read More

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Web-site Security: blocking user agents, requests & query strings

Your first line of defence in preventing common vulnerability scans, directory traversal, and code injection attacks. A must read, if your web-site is hosted on either Apache (Linux) or IIS (Microsoft) servers. Read More

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WordPress Child Themes: 4 ways to avoid inefficient CSS import

Google and Yahoo advise against using “CSS @import”. However; tutorials on creating Wordpress Child Themes (including the Wordpress Codex) invariably use the [email protected] rule” in the child stylesheet . Find out how to avoid CSS import .... Read More

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WordPress Security: why you should NOT require commenters to register.

Last month there were reports that a cyber-criminal gang had infected 30,000 Wordpress blogs to market “anti-virus” software. Wordpress is a popular target; keep your version and plugins up to date; and don't expose your site to unnecessary risks. If you require users to register before posting comments, for no other purpose than as part of your spam prevention strategy, then think again: ............ Read More

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